To replace single ou multiple teeth with fixed prosthesis

The dental bridge

The ai mis to replace a single or multiple teeth thanks to the front and back teeth. It is perfect when the teeth are damaged. If the are healthy, we woud recommend implants.

To replace a single tooth

bridge dentaire dentiste chamant

To replace multiple teeth

bridge dentaire dentiste chamant 2

To replace teeth with removable prosthesis

The stellite

The avantage is to replace teeth quickly and easily. It is a good alternative to implants.

Exemple of a stellite :

stellite dentiste chamant

The Valplast

No metal, more esthetic.

Partial denture

Valplast dentiste chamant

Full denture : when all the teeth are gone we make a full denture.

prothese amovible dentiste chamant

Fixed on implants

We have two types

On snaps

implants PACSI dentiste chamant

Stabilized with a bar

implants PACSI barre dentiste chamant

Dental implant

Thanks to the progress of biomaterials, it is now possible tu put a titan screw called implant to restore the missing teeth.

implant dentaire dentiste chamant

The dentist chooses the length, the diameter and the shape of the implant according to the anatomy of the patient using a Dentascan or Cone Beam exam.

The protocole has 4 steps

  1. Inspection of your mouth and analysis of the scan
  2. Putting up the up the implant
  3. Healing (few months)
  4. Making the crown up to the implant

The avantages of implant :

  • Avoid to damage healthy teeth
  • Confort while eating
  • More esthetic

Our implants are french made with a brand working in implantology over sixty years.