Video for adults

Video for kids

Before brushing

Use :

  • A toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Fluride toothpaste (to prevent decays).

Good cleaning= 2 to 3 minutes


The youngest need a brushing adpated to their age

Choose a toothpaste with a proper fluoride rate.
Give him an hourglass to help him and for fun.


Stand in front of a mirror and add some toothpaste on your brush
Always proceed in the same order, first clean yhe upper teeth, then the lowers.
Start by the upper the back, then the upper left side. Continue with the lower jaw and finish with the front teeth.

The technique :

  1. Put your brush at the limit between the tooth and the gum with a 45° angle
  2. Do some circle from the gum to the tooth and only in this way. Repeat it 3 times.
  3. Do not forget to brush the lingual side of your teethBrossez de la même manière toutes les faces côté langue des dents du haut.
  4. To clean your incisors put your brush verticaly
  5. Finally brush the top of your teeth (the sides that get into contact when you bite). The movement must go back and forward arund 10 times.

Once you clean the upper teeth, brush the lowers. Be careful, the lower teeth must be clean down the gum up to the teeth not to hurt the gum.

Do not forget to brush your tongue and rince.

Pass your brush under water. This is your own brush, do nott lend it.

After the cleaning : The dental flosh

After the clean you need to clean between the teeth.

  1. Cut 30-40 of dental dental flosh. Roll it around your majors fingers (leave a length equal to your thumbs.
  2. Maintain it with pressur
  3. Pass it between the teeth slowly coth to the gum. Repeat it three times.
  4. Do it on the both sides of the tooth. Do not forget the molars.

If the space between the teeth is large you would rather prefer interdental brush.

  1. Choose a brush suitable to the size of the space.
  2. First, put it under water and then insert it perpendicularly.
  3. Rince after use
  4. Change it when it is damaged or at least every 15 days.